They are two comical & curious Kittehs sharing their worldly travels & wild adventures. They're here to bring joy & good wishes to family & friends on this site through greeting cards, mugs, T-shirts & a variety of whimsical Kitteh merchandise.

Where ever they go, they leave a tiny 'PAW PRINT' in each of their adventures, so look for their 'mark' on each product.  Feel free to browse & click 0n links to a variety of whimsical Kitteh cards & products for sale at select websites.

Tai Chi Kittehs

Chillin In The Pool

SnowKitteh & Furiends

Ninja Kittehs Ninja'ing'

Bud & Tony were created from the likes & namesake of my two domestic shorthair Kittehs. Teaming with outrageous personalities & waggish behavior, they became the whimsical illustrative characters which you see here.  Their reputation for colorful antics, witty banter & verse are all part of their desire to send joyful, placating messages to everyone.

Thanks fur stopping by!

Be joyful, be sincere, be kind.

Betty Matsumoto-Schuch ©2017

(Artist & Lover of all things 'Kitteh')

elcome to Designer's Workshop: Featuring Bud & Tony


By Betty Matsumoto-Schuch

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